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John Sama
Born in Cameroon
76 years
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Bob Kemngang - California USA
Remember when you visited us in California? It was the last time I saw you after many years. We love and cherish your memory
Bob Kemngang

Uncle I think of you every day, while at work and at home and I have never stopped praying for the peaceful repose of your soul. I continue to pray for my sister Maggie to accept the things we can not change. I love you Uncle.

"Papa Golden"



Please do not weep,

I have not gone

I’m here with you

I’ve been all along

So please don’t think of me and grieve,

I’m still here,

I did not leave the shadow you see, upon your wall

This is me looking over, cause I heard your call

I didn’t leave you, it isn’t as it seems

I will always be there,

Inside your dreams

So please don’t think of me and weep

I am there watching as you sleep

Don’t assume I’m just a memory

Because I live on, when you speak of me

So please don’t think of me and grieve

I’m still with you,

If you believe !

Emma Lebaga ( Niece )
"Manyaka Ma Ngomba Nyama".  This was your popular saying.  Til this moment, I do not understand what you really meant.  What a life !  You have left your sister Chuba - your age mate and friend - without saying "Good Bye".  She misses you dearly.
On behalf of the whole family, I wish to thank Aunty Maggie for her true steadfast love, her endurance, faith and genuine, tireless care.  We can hardly compensate that love.  God will continuously pour His endless blessings on her.
Who can find a virtuous wife ?  For her worth is far above rubies.
Uncle you were there for the family.  Your endless devotion and straight ways were apparent.
You always enjoyed your "cumcum" and okro soup !  And the morning pap !  The mixture of less Guinness and more Fanta.  Ha ha.  No one could iron your trousers as you wanted.  You took all the time to straighten the lines - British Man !!!  The Photographer ?  You were that excellent and special photographer who took countless decent photographs.  You were so scrupulous in your arrangements.  You would say; "I wonder how yours will come out".  I shook my head the other day when I thought about it.
I still cannot believe you are actually gone.  I cannot understand what really happened to you.  Too much wahala !!! You have fought a good fight; finished the race and kept the faith.  Rest ! Rest ! Rest ! Til we meet to part no more.
Adieu !!!
Sango Charles ( Nephew )

If I had known God, my uncle would not have died; yet there is hope in the resurrection of the dead.  In July 2005, you visited me in Douala while I was carrying out an experiment to look for God; if perhaps I may feel after Him, and find Him, since he is not far; learning the hard way that confession of faults one to another produces healing like medication.  Not being able to share my receivings, findings and openings with you makes me to groan within.  We got along really well for the perfectionist that you were; time has vindicated your actions that I did not understand as a child.  You were a handy source of counsel and I remember how you told me that I lacked common sense but surprisingly enough managed to pass my exams.  I fancy myself strong, yet I cannot keep back my tears.  It was your time and the exact timing and season were the exclusive prerogative of God.  Your leadership will be missed; you dressed and kept the legacy of the Eyum’a Sama family for posterity.  When a husbandman who was made caretaker, turned his back against the children, you did not hesitate to seek legal redress; but at what cost ??

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